These are but a few of the testimonials provided for the services of Total Picture Home Inspections.

"No Surprises"
After 30 years in the same home, my wife and I are planning to downsize by selling our house next year. In order to get ready for that sale, we engaged Bob to conduct a "seller's inspection" so that we will have no surprises when we put our home on the market. We are glad that we did. Bob conducted a thorough review of the most important systems in the house and prepared a well-illustrated, easy to follow report that was comprehensive and to the point. Fortunately, we had just a few items to address and we should have those ready when we put the house up for sale. A couple of items were quick and easy fixes that Bob taught me how to do myself with some inexpensive supplies. We would give Bob and Total Picture Home Inspections our highest recommendation.

It was a pleasure working with Bob. He is knowledgeable, engaging, and educating, but what makes Bob exceptional is the care he exhibits throughout. The experience with Bob was one of thoroughness and a completeness. He is a consummate professional who does not take any shortcuts and advises his client at every turn. Bob Lam enjoys my highest recommendation for home inspection.

At the suggestion of our selling agents, we had Bob come and complete a home inspection of our property prior to putting it on the market. Bob did a thorough job and identified a few things that might have popped up on a buyer’s inspection, which we chose to remedy before the house went on the market. The eventual buyers chose to waive the home inspection as part of the sales contract; however, we learned from our old neighbors that the buyers did have a home inspector come in after the sale went through. Much to the new home owners' delight, their inspector was unable to find anything in need of repair aside from replacing still-functioning (but old) gutters. While we did a great job maintaining the home while we were there, we believe having Bob inspect the home before it went on the market contributed to our success on the a fast and lucrative sale. We would highly recommend Bob to anyone in need of a home inspection!

Bob, I want to thank you for the wonderful home inspection work you performed for us recently. I appreciate your very meticulous approach and thorough explanation of all tasks performed, the standard against which you assess condition, and recommendations for remediating any shortfalls discovered. Your approach was very helpful and allowed me to make timely improvements to ensure every aspect of our home was ready for showing by our realtor. The follow-up, adjustments to observations based on remediation steps, etc. all give evidence of your interest to help us ensure our home was ready for sale. I would heartily endorse you and recommend you to any homeowner looking for a thorough inspection. Without a doubt, you provide a 5-star service.

We're glad with the result, especially a quick sale. Your expert home inspection definitely helped with the sale. Out of 3 contracts, not one was submitted with a home inspection contingency. I appreciate the time and care you took working with us. 

We were very pleased with the services Bob Lam provided to us for a home inspection. He was professional, courteous, and very considerate. He went above and beyond with the time that he spent inspecting our home. We were impressed with his knowledge of a variety of systems and features of the house and his attention to detail. We would be happy to use him again.

"5 of 5 stars"
Bob inspected a house we were planning to sell. He took the time to walk us through each aspect of the inspection, ensuring that we fully understood both the positive aspects of the property and any potential issues that needed attention. We received a very detailed report shortly after the inspection. We appreciate his expertise, friendliness, honesty and responsiveness and would recommend Total Picture Home Inspections very highly.

You have done an amazing job in this report.  I am very grateful for the thoroughness of your inspection and analysis, reviewing every inch of both the depth and breadth of this home. I am also grateful for your good humor, your pragmatic approach and your graciousness and patience with me during this process.  You truly left no stone unturned, and that gives confidence and trust for all parties.  If I should buy another home, I will undoubtedly reach out to you to see if you will consider working with me.

Bob, not only do you have a great, well laid out website, but you deliver on the contents identified in the site with enthusiasm, flair and good cheer, while ensuring integrity and current knowledge is applied to the home inspection process. I appreciate your meticulousness and willingness to carefully explain your findings in the context of current standards. Further, your recommendations for remediation helped me to keep in perspective the daunting tasks that can comprise preparing a house for the market. Your helpful approach enabled me to make improvements required in time for final pre-sale inspections. I will advise anyone i can in your area to use your services from the first instant they think of selling a residential property, because your very approach to the process, intentionally working to help the homeowner, makes the inspection process an advantage to look forward to as value added to the process rather than something to try to avoid. Finally, your responsiveness and empathetic engagement was refreshing. Organizing mitigations could be accomplished nearly immediately, and modified along the way through consultations you made yourself available for because that is how you work. Were there a rating system for such a service, i would give you five stars. Many blessings on you, yours, and your continued service.

Bob is a very experienced and knowledgeable inspector who makes sure you are treated in a personable and respectful manner during the inspection process.  His approach incorporates the use of current technologies to make sure a total inspection is complete.  His report offers current and future owners  roadmap on important components of the house and recommended maintenance routines. I suggest homeowners wanting an independent set of recommendations, homeowners preparing to sell, and those looking to buy a home get an inspection from Bob at TotalPictureHomeInspections.  The results will be valuable.

In anticipation of selling our house, we retained [Total Picture Home Inspections] Bob Lam to do a home inspection. Bob performed a very thorough inspection and took the time to explain what he was looking for and how we could address those areas that needed some attention.  The report he prepared was so thorough that prospective buyers were willing to waive a home inspection contingency. Bob is very easy to work with and we highly recommend his services.

I had the pleasure of working with Total Picture Home Inspections for a recent property sale, and I must say, that Robert did an outstanding job. His attention to detail was impeccable, conducting a corner-to-corner inspection that left no stone unturned. First and foremost, Robert's punctuality was commendable. He arrived on time and ready to work, displaying a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. What truly stood out was his genuine care for the property and its potential buyers. He took the time to explain his findings clearly and address any concerns we had, ensuring that we were well-informed every step of the way. This comprehensive report was instrumental in presenting the property to potential buyers, and I am pleased to say that the inspection was not only accepted but also played a key role in the swift sale of the house within just two days. I am grateful for their contributions to a successful real estate transaction.

We had Bob do a pre-inspection before selling our house.  He found several issues that we were able to resolve prior to the sale.  With his pre-inspection and the issue resolutions, the house sale was clean and fast with no issues.  I highly recommend Bob for his thoroughness and professionalism!  Thanks Bob!

Before putting our home on the market, Bob conducted a thorough inspection of our abode. He found a few things that needed to be corrected and gave us a full explanation of why and what needed to be done. His full report was provided to us in a timely manner. Unfortunately, after the home inspection, our entire HVAC system went out, and we had to get a brand new one. We casually mentioned the new HVAC to Bob in an email, and within 20 minutes he was at our front door getting information to update the inspection report. We highly recommend Bob and his services to anyone because he goes the extra mile, and we believe his services helped make the sale of our house go much smoother. Thanks Bob!

I was very impressed with the overall process and professionalism of Total Picture Home Inspections. They took their time to methodically go through my home to identify any possible issues. Once identified, they provided on-point recommendations on how to mitigate the issue. I would recommend Total Picture Home Inspections for anyone selling a home and/or just want to make their home safer.

I worked with Total Picture Home Inspections on a recent home purchase and the support they provided was exceptional. Bob Lam joined me in a Pre-Contract Walkabout so I could learn more about a property before I finalized an offer. His wealth of knowledge, and attention to detail, gave me the information I needed to prepare an accurate offer, while helping me evaluate the concerns I had about the property. This service doesn't include a full inspection report, since it's meant to be a shorter and less formal review of the property, but I did have the opportunity to review a full inspection report provided by Total Picture Home Inspections and It's fantastic. Their inspections and reports are incredibly thorough, and are a tremendous asset to anyone involved in a home purchase/sale. Thank you Bob for a great experience. If I need a home inspection again, you're the first person I'm calling.